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A Brief History
“Experienced, Trusted Purveyors and Exclusive Distributors of World-Class Exotic Mushrooms”

Kennett Mushrooms has come a long way since we first got our start way back in 1977. Now, as we celebrate 40 years of doing what we love, it truly puts a smile on our face to look back and see how far we have come. What you see, feel and taste today comes from decades of dedication, hard work and cooperation courtesy of many people.

Our founders, Lou Caputo and Herb Guest come from humble beginnings and have never forgot where they come from or all the hard work it took to arrive at this moment. As we press on into the future we are proud of the reputation we have earned as producers and distributors of some of the finest world-class exotic mushrooms on the planet.

If you love exotic mushrooms, welcome, you have come to the right place. As they say, Kennett Square is the Mushroom Capital of the World and from what our customers tell us, we truly have grown to represent the finest, mouth-watering exotic mushrooms this world has to offer. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying some of our delectably savory mushrooms, just take a peek inside our online store, trust us – your taste buds will thank you.

Kennett Mushrooms has enjoyed amazing growth over the years and we are proud of our products and heritage.

From humble beginnings to one of the most respected and admired purveyors and distributors of world-class exotic mushrooms in the world today.

What began as a life changing opportunity for two teenage boys 40 years ago has blossomed into these 5 successful business units below:

Kennett Square Specialties: Shiitake mushrooms, logs, and specialty bags.

Caputo & Guest Mushrooms: Portabello and Crimini mushrooms.

Highland Oysters: Oyster Bags and Oyster Mushrooms.

KSS South: Fresh mushroom sales in the Fort Pierce, FL area.

KSS Sales: Purveyor and exclusive distributor of mushrooms from our affiliate companies

Shiitake Mushrooms:

The shiitake log, and by extension the shiitake mushroom, our flagship product. Learn More

Oyster Mushrooms:

Oysters are amongst the most popular mushrooms cultivated by mycology hobbyists. Learn More

Maitake Mushrooms:

Most mushrooms are known super foods with long lists of benefits. The maitake is one of the most beneficial of all the fungi families. Learn More

King Oyster Mushrooms:

King Oysters go by many names including Royal Trumpet, French Horn, Brown King and Boletus of the Steppes. Learn More

Pioppino Mushrooms:

Despite its brown color, Pioppino mushrooms are also known as Black Poplar. Learn More

Pom Pom Mushrooms:

Pompom has a mild sweet taste, often described as a lobster substitute. Learn More

Great question. But why does anyone buy?

If we are talking about buying a perishable good such as food, people buy based on quality THEN price. In a perfect world people could buy the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Unfortunately this world is far from perfect but at Kennett Mushrooms we make damn sure our mushrooms are.

Bottom line, our quality and quantity are simply unmatched in the industry. Our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to our customers places us head and shoulders above our competition.

Born right in the heart of the Mushroom Capital of the World, our exotic mushrooms are cultivated from birth to be World-Class. Combined with our 40 years of experience and extensive industry relationships, Kennett Mushrooms is the clear choice for all of your mushroom wants and needs.

Wholesale Opportunities

Attention Restaurant Operators

Are you a restaurant operator or perishable goods retailer seeking to source the highest quality mushrooms on the market? From farm-to-table and everything in-between our highly skilled, knowledgable and friendly team at Kennett Mushrooms is here to service your every need. If you need the highest quality products from the most reliable source trusted by the best in the business, then you have come to the right place.

We deliver the quality and service that your independent retailers and premiere supermarket chains demand. We invite you to tour our facility and meet our people to see how we cultivate mushrooms and relationships. Contact us today for more information!

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Our Most Popular Exotic Mushrooms

Kennett Mushroom Specialties

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shii Tree Mushroom

The shiitake log, and by extension the shiitake mushroom, is our flagship product.

Kennett Square Specialties leads the shiitake industry, with the capability to produce over 120,000 shiitake logs per week. Our shiitake logs are grown from a fine sawdust and mixture of grains, which provide the nutrients needed for a beautiful harvest of shiitake mushrooms..

Learn More

Maitake Mushrooms

“Hen Of The Woods”

Our maitake spawn was created by Kennett Sq. Specialties mycologist.

Most mushrooms are known super foods with long lists of benefits. The maitake is one of the most beneficial of all the fungi families. Maitake has been the subject of cancer studies, exhibiting anti-metastatic properties (reversing the spread of cancerous cells). Along with the being known amongst oncologist, it’s also shown promise in diabetes management, immune system stimulation, and contains antioxidants. The Maitake mushroom has earned its spot on top of the delicious super-foods list.

Pioppino Mushrooms

Black Poplar

The pioppino mushroom is not only known for its taste and texture, it is also known for its beneficial nutritional properties.

The pioppino mushroom is notorious for its smooth rounded cap and long white stem. Because pioppinos tend to have a flavor similar to pork, we recommend that you chop finely then stir-fry your pioppino mushrooms to achieve an amazing taste. They also taste great when cooked with white sauce and poured over pork, fish or chicken.

Yellow Oyster

Golden Mushrooms

Oysters are amongst the most popular mushrooms cultivated by mycology hobbyists.

There are 4 key components to growing oyster bags. Proper temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and cleanliness. Oysters thrive in cool wet conditions. Between 58-60F and 80-90% humidity. Our farms thoroughly clean each oyster bag room between batches. If the proper conditions are maintained, customers can expect to get a bountiful harvest of oyster mushrooms.

King Oyster Mushrooms

(Royal Trumpets)

King Oyster mushrooms health benefits include antioxidant and antibacterial properties

Our king oyster bags or royal trumpet logs, follow the same parameters as most of our products. You want to keep the king oyster bag in a cool grow room, between 58-62F. CO2 and humidity is up to the grower’s discretion, around 600-1200 ppm and over 80% humidity. Stem and cap size can be controlled using CO2and humidity in this manner.he King Oyster is the largest of the oyster mushroom family. They are versatile in the kitchen. The stem is the main edible part of the king oyster.

Pom Pom Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane

Also known as Monkey’s Head, Bear’s Head, Old Man’s Beard and Satyr’s Beard.

The Pom Pom mushroom has a mild sweet taste, often described as a lobster substitute. Another one of our unique products, the pompom mushroom draws in adventurous foodies. It goes by many names, including Lion’s Mane and Old Man’s Beard, however we find pompom to be the more appetizing of the bunch.  Our farmers will cut four slits (one on each side of the block). Within 7 to 10 days, fully developed Pom Pom mushrooms should be present.

Grey Oyster

Cultivated All Year

Oyster mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D and B3 and are known for their Antioxidant  & Antibacterial properties.

The Gray Oyster is very prolific, but it requires low temperatures or a cold shock to start pinning.  After that, it will do best at mid-range temperatures.  Gourmet chefs around the world appreciate the excellent texture of this specimen: not too hard, not too delicate, but just right.  Grey Oyster Mushrooms are a versatile mushroom and can be made into fantastic sauces or added to salads, soups, omelettes and risotto. Also good pan-fried or grilled.

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